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Diving @ Pulau Hantu

Scuba-diving enthusiasts often travel to different parts of the Southeast Asian region like Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia to venture into the deep clear blues. There is a common misconception that nothing is interesting in Singapore waters. Below is my review of my diving experience at Pulau Hantu, why the experience far exceeded my expectations, and why I would recommend everyone to try scuba-diving there.

Having dived a few hundred local dives and having used to dive around the world (Asia, Iceland, Europe, Middle East, and South America), I am a strong believer that every dive site is different and has its charms. Pulau Hantu typically has limited visibility of about 2 to 3m. However, it can be considered a paradise for muck diving and Marco photography. The spot is home to many tiny creatures, and there is a good diversity of Nudibranch and other critters, including the rarer ones. There are plenty to be found and they come in all sorts of shapes and colours (and some are incredibly colourful). As they are generally slow-moving, the environment is great for practicing underwater photography, though you would need a torch to bring out the colours.

The lower visibility and greenness may make it a challenge for spotting, as these creatures tend to camouflage, but it adds to the excitement of spotting unique creatures (the excitement is similar to that of an exhilarating treasure hunt)! Moreover, on days of poorer and lower visibility, the good news is that even more critters (such as crabs and shrimps) would surface for your viewing pleasure. Pulau Hantu is definitely a great spot if you are looking to appreciate marine subjects up close and personal. It provides a different experience from the overseas dives which are more scenic in nature. Hence, I would recommend you check out a dive at Pulau Hantu before you start travelling overseas.

Another plus-point about diving at Pulau Hantu is that it is a fantastic ground to help produce confidence for open water students and dive professionals, as the environment hones your navigation skills making you sharper and trusting your compass.

To add on, the currents at Pulau Hantu are quite mild and the water is warm, making scuba-diving there an absolute bonus. If you are looking for a quick and fast half-day dive (without the need for long travel), come dive at Pulau Hantu!

Shawn Tan

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