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SSI Instructor training COURSE
(open water instructor)


Timeline / Course Structure


Theory Classes - Weekday evenings (6.30 - 10.30pm)

Pool Sessions - Weekday evenings (6.30 - 10.30pm)

Trips - AM Session (7.50am - 2.30pm)

PM Session (2.30 - 7.30pm)

Estimated 1 month

3 Pools Training

2 Trips

7 Theory Classes

Final Exam



Have a valid Divemaster certification

Pool Component

SSI Skills - Demonstration Quality
Swim Test 
1) Either 700m snorkel swim or 375m normal swim (time limit 20 mins)
2) Thread Water (15 mins)
3) 25m underwater swim (one breathe)
4) 100m Tired Diver Tow (time limit 8 mins)




ITC course bundle
Price: SGD 3,700


To pay a subsidized rate, you will need to teach this number of students to get this price: SGD 2,700
25 - Theory
25 - Pool
25 - Trip


Course Fee includes:
Instructor Trainer Fee 
Course Material
3 Pool Sessions 
2 Trips 
ITC Classroom Sessions 
Instructor Examiner Fee

Excludes $100 Dive Pro Registration Fee paid directly to SSI


Location / Boat


Singapore - Pulau Hantu

Visibility: 1-3 meters

Train to be a dive professional - a job that takes you anywhere in the world where diving is possible

Fine tune your dive skills and theory knowledge, learn to react to stressful situations, build your leadership and team skills, be a more confident speaker.  Learn how to run a scuba diving business and live the life out at sea with our friendly and lovable team.

Start getting paid to dive, instead of paying to dive.

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