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Simply put -  We have a great team of dive guides who knows the local best dive sites in Singapore well.  Professionally managed dive trips with clean and new scuba equipments.  Dive from our own boat or the Marina, with hot shower facilities.

In Singapore, our bottom composition is silty, which makes it very suitable for macro / muck marine life to hide and thrive. We welcome you to dive in the best dive sites in Singapore with us!

Level Beginner to Advanced

Visibility 1-3m

Water Temp Average 30 degrees celsius

Max depth 10m (Marina) / 18m (All other sites)

Torch is Mandatory due to the visibility

Scuba Diving Singapore Meeting Place:

Marina at Keppel Bay, 2 Keppel Bay Vista, Berth E03

Booking is only confirmed upon receiving your payment screenshot

Local Dive Pricing (Excludes Equipment Rental) 


Boat Trip Packages

(Cannot be used for Marina)

6 Dives

Unguided - SGD 330

Guided - SGD 460

12 Dives

Unguided - SGD 600

Guided - SGD 888

* Packages can be shared amongst divers and used on multiple trips *

Please note that you need to book on the trip links and select "Dive Package Holder"when you book


Boat Trip

(Half a day - 2 dives)

No Guide - SGD 135

With Guide (Ratio 4:1) - SGD 168

Private Guide - Add SGD 100

Snorkelling - SGD 100

AM Trip Timing

Meet: 0750 hrs

Back: 1230 hrs

PM Trip Timing

Meet: 1320 hrs

Back: 1800 hrs

Meeting Place

Marina at Keppel Bay

Outside Prive Lobby Area

or Walk to the Boat Berthing Door

golden-gate-bridge (1).png

Marina at Keppel Bay

(Price is for 1 Dive)

With Guide (Ratio 2:1) - SGD 60

Refresher - SGD 99

Snorkelling - SGD 45

Marina Dive Timing

Every 2 hourly there is a dive

0900 hrs

1100 hrs

1300 hrs

1500 hrs

1700 hrs

Night Dive (Sat ONLY): 1830 hrs

Meeting Place

Marina at Keppel Bay

Outside Prive Lobby Area

or Walk to the Boat Berthing Door

Equipment Pricing

Per Item: Mask / Full Foot Fins / Torch - SGD 5

Per Item: Buoyancy Compensator (BC) / Regulator - SGD 15

Whole Set: Mask + Full Foot Fins + BC + Reg + Torch - SGD 35

Please note that we do not provide wetsuits, the average dive temperature in Singapore is 30 degrees celsius.

You can wear your own long rashguard / skin rashguard for protection against jellyfish / other stingers etc, otherwise we sell a set, and you get to keep it.

Per Set: Rashguard and Leggings Set - SGD 20

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