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Tips To Improve Your Air Consuption When Scuba Diving

A common question by newer divers is: How do you use less air underwater? Here are some top tips just for you!

1. Breathe slowly and deeply.

Take longer, deeper breaths allowing your body to absorb more oxygen and by exhaling fully you will eliminate more Carbon Dioxide. Reduced Carbon Dioxide will delay the urge to take another breath.

2. Swim slowly, stop figiting

Using more energy equals more air consumption.

3. Being Fit

If you are unfit when the workload increases you will begin to breathe heavier and faster.

4. Be streamlined

This will decrease resistance. Also, keep your gears tucked away creating less drag.

5. Good and well maintained gears

The right pair of fins can help. If you invest in a pair of more efficient fins you will use less energy when diving.

As for having well maintained gears... if they leak... you lose air.

6. Buoyancy control

If you are constantly having to add air to your BCD or If you are using a lot of energy trying to be naturally bounyant you will become overexerted and breathe more.

7. Practice, practice, practice

The more you dive the more better your buoyancy will be. Even pros never stop learning. You could look into upgrading your skills by enrolling in the perfect buoyancy course.

Till then happy diving, happy underwater adventures!

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