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Meet Diana Black: Why Scuba Diving is a Splash for Over 50s

New passion, challenging stereotypes

Diana Black is an energetic lady who demonstrates that age is only a number when it comes to reaching objectives and living a happy life.  Diana started scuba diving at the age of 48, embarking on a journey that would transform not just her underwater experiences, but also her physical and mental wellbeing.

Her narrative is not typical of a young, athletic diver but rather, it is about defying expectations and embracing adventure later in life.

Her first dive was far from easy sailing. "My lizard brain thought it was rational to hold my breath!" she chuckles, recalling her horror during the initial descent. But with calm instruction and the enthralling underwater world before her, she was captivated. "It was quiet, weightless, and exhilarating," she says, her passion clear in her voice.

However, diving was more than simply an escape from the ordinary, it was also a journey of discovering yourself and progress. Diana signed up for the Divemaster program at the age of over 50, motivated by a desire to conquer her phobias and become a more confident diver.

Although age bias was evident, with discouragement primarily coming from individuals who did not dive, on her ability and wellbeing, she remained undeterred and discovered a welcoming community of divers.

The program itself presented its own challenges. "I wasn't as fit as the younger trainees" Diana acknowledges. But she made it through by her strong willpower and teamwork. "There's always someone on the Cuddle boat to help each other out" she says, emphasizing the nurturing environment that aided her development.

"My lizard brain thought it was rational"

Her life has been greatly impacted by diving. Physically, her fitness improved, pushing her to adopt a better lifestyle. Mentally, the serenity and peace experienced underwater provided a welcome escape from daily stresses.

"I was the fittest I had ever been" she says, reflecting on the dive master program's effectiveness. "Mentally, I was calmer and more relaxed." Diving's influence extends beyond personal well-being. It has opened the door to new travel opportunities and wonderful interactions with marine life.

Diana's underwater adventures, which included manta rays and Mola Molas, inspired her restlessness and admiration for the natural world. "There are whole new places on my list that I hadn't even heard of five years ago!" she says excitedly.

"There's always someone on the Cuddle boat to help each other out"

Diana's message to people who are afraid to follow their hobbies due to age or perceived restrictions is powerful: "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?" she cites Einstein, imploring readers to embrace curiosity and adventure regardless of age.

"Never cease to stand like curious children before the great mystery into which we were born," she underlines, inspiring people to follow their hearts and pursue their ambitions

By Mahir

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