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Dive or Snorkel Tour

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Divers / Snorkellers - your call is finally here!  We know you have been asking, join us now on this very popular Marina snorkel / dive tour.  Our guides have spotted a lionfish (very rare in Singapore), horseshoe crabs mating, seahorse galore, blue spotted ray and even a huge lobster!  Bottom composition is silty, which makes it very suitable for such marine life to hide and thrive.

Dive Requirements and information:

Open Water Scuba Divers and above

Wear your own long rashguard and long tights

Visibility 1-3m, Water Temp Approx 29 degrees celcius, Max depth 10m

Torch is required (please rent one if you do not have)

What does this include?

Bottle of Water, Dive Guide


Every Thursday and Saturday

Every 2 hourly from 0900 hrs - 1700 hrs

Marina Adventure Tour Schedule

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