How do you earn Cuddlepoints?
Each time you dive with us or take a course with us, we will accumulate Cuddlepoints to your Cuddle account. Better yet, if you refer a friend to dive with us, you get half of his/her Cuddlepoints. For example, if Mr. Tan refers Miss Pek to dive 3D2N Tioman leisure trip with Cuddlefish Divers, Miss Pek gets 2 Cuddlepoints and Mr. Tan gets 1 Cuddlepoint. 

What are the benefits of having Cuddlepoints?
From time to time, we will have exceptional trip promotions for Cuddlepoint members by way of exclusive invitations. For example, if Miss Pek is invited for the SSI Advance Adventurer course, she can use her Cuddlepoints  to redeem a discount on her course price.


 Stay tuned or Contact us for more information. 

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