COVID-19 Health Advisory

Information as shared by Ministry of Health Singapore on COVID-19 Health Advisory: 

Latest update:

site accessed 17 Jan 2021. 

We urge Singaporeans to remain calm and vigilant. Singaporeans can continue to play their part by being socially responsible, practising good personal hygiene habits and complying with safe distancing measures. 


     Members of the public should adopt the following precautions at all times:

  • Avoid close contact with people who are unwell or showing symptoms of illness;

  • Observe good personal hygiene;

  • Practise frequent hand washing with soap (e.g. before handling food or eating, after going to toilet, or when hands are dirtied by respiratory secretions after coughing or sneezing);

  • Wear a mask if you need to leave your house;

  • Cover your mouth with a tissue paper when coughing or sneezing, and dispose of the soiled tissue paper in the rubbish bin immediately; and

  • Seek medical attention promptly if you are feeling unwell and get swabbed if your doctor refers you. 

Crew Procedure: 

Updated 17 Jan 2021.

1. Gather the group and start headcount outside (make sure everyone has their masks on and practice safe distancing).

2. Crew to inform divers of their grouping - and ask them to stay in that group.

3. Board the boat when the last group has left, don't cluster together at the berth area.

4. Once on the boat, before customers move away, ensure temperature and Safe Entry check-in has been completed, give them a boat safety briefing and reminder for safe distancing, then get them to separate in groups of 5 to different areas.  

Group 1: Captains Deck, Group 2: Bow of Boat, Group 3: Gear Up.  

5. While group is waiting, give your dive briefing, ask the boat crew where are we going.

6. Remind divers to wear their masks on and practice social distancing

7. Remind customers of dive time, do not be late as we need to follow strict schedule.

8.  All crew on board are "safe distancing ambassadors", make sure crew enforce this.

9. All issues and questions to be escalated to trip IC during trip.

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